Listed below are past and present Oakhurst Guinea Pig Rescue sancutuary pigs. 

Yo-Yo was our first guinea we purchased at a pet store. Yes, we had no idea at the time the issues and effects that occur when you support pet stores. The night we picked him up the store associate told us nothing about the importance of him having a companion and assured us he was a female. On his first check up at the vet a week later we were told we had a little boy, not a girl! As we learned more and more, we first doubled his small cage and then went out looking for a companion. We went back to the pet store and got him two more friends Hay-Hay and Nachi both of which were boys but immediately came down with upper respiratory infections. It was during their lengthy treatment and recovery Dr. Ahern at the Sandy Springs Animal Hospital put us in touch with Lisa at the Atlanta Metro Guinea Pig Rescue.  Once we realized the importance of getting the word out about adopting and not shopping we were hooked and wanted to help any way we could.