Oakhurst Guinea Pig Rescue  is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization based in Decatur Georgia dedicated to finding forever homes for unwanted, abused and neglected guinea pigs.  

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I would like to introduce you to the newly formed Oakhurst Guiena Pig Rescue which is a 501c3 Non-Profit organization based in Decatur Ga. Dedicated to finding forever homes for unwanted, abused and neglected guinea pigs.  As many of you may already know after eight amazing years, the Atlanta Metro Guinea Pig Rescue is closing its doors. The founder Lisa Sharp with a few excellent foster families and great benefactors have been able to rescue and rehome over five hundred guinea pigs in these eight years! My wife and I met Lisa about five years ago when our vet told us about her organization and how we needed to reach out for some advice for one of our sick pigs. Lisa was able to provide us with advice that made all the difference for our Nachi who totally recovered and is still going strong today! 

As we learned more about these amazing little guys, we wanted to help more so we decided to ask Lisa if she might have a pair young pigs we could adopt at her upcoming adoption day. While talking to her, she said she would be bringing all of her pigs except two older pigs Jakey and Mable. We knew immediately the pigs she was speaking of from following her Facebook and website posts and knew we had to adopt them. Jakey was a three and a half-year-old with an enlarged heart and required two medicines twice a day. Mable was a beautiful four-year-old roan American Satin with beautiful red eyes. When we brought them home, they immediately made a huge impact on us with their personality and intense bond for each other. Through the three years, we were able to care for Jakey and Mable; we realized just how affectionate and fun these senior pigs could be. Sadly this spring we lost Jakey due to complications of his heart condition. During Jakey’s last minutes Mable came over to him and put her head next to his and stayed with him till the end. Mable never was able to recover from the loss of her friend and though we tried everything her health continued to fail, and she passed away in July. The experience we had with Jakey, Mable and our first pig Yo-Yo made us even more committed to seeing what we could do to help the wonderful animals.

The day I read the post the rescue would be closing I was standing in a Marta train station on my way home from work and did not know what to think. I had always told my wife that I would love to run a rescue, but it was just talking. When I arrived home, I told her of the news and said what do you think about starting a rescue. She looked at me and said, “fine do it.”  I reached out to Lisa and told her of my plan to start a new rescue, and she said that is great and would be happy to help in any way possible. The last few months has been a huge learning curve of all the aspects of setting up our 501c3 to reaching out to other local rescues for advice. Throughout this entire process, Lisa has been an invaluable resource with her experience, excellent advice, and incredible generosity to any forms or information we have needed.

In closing, I just would like to thank Lisa, her fosters, and benefactors for eight amazing years of saving abandoned guinea pigs and outreach to educate the public on proper care and not supporting pet stores.  I can only hope the Oakhurst Guinea Pig Rescue can do half the amazing work Lisa has done with the Atlanta Metro Guinea Pig Rescue over these last eight years.  Please don’t forget Lisa still has six sanctuary pig she will be caring for so please consider sponsoring one of these guys at http://www.amgpr.org/!  Lisa thank you for everything, and yes I still have a lot of questions! J


Thomas Pederson


Oakhurst Guinea Pig Rescue

Decatur Georgia