Unlimited high quality, grass hay (timothy and orchard grass are popular) should always be available to each and every guinea pig, no matter what age. We find the piggies love to have their hay piled in their litter box so they can burrow and play while eating! 

Alfalfa hay can be given to young guinea pigs, pregnant, nursing or malnourished adults. But because of its high calcium content, alfalfa should be reserved as a treat for the average adult guinea pig. Excess calcium could contribute to the formation of bladder stones in older guinea pigs. Remember that alfalfa is NOT a replacement for grass hay, but can be used to supplement the diet of some pigs. Grass hay should always be available to all guinea pigs. Check out the link to small pet select to find the freshest hay delivered right to your door! When you buy from Small Pet Select, please remember to enter the coupon code OGPR, and a portion of the sale will be donated back to our rescue!

Never feed your piggie pellets containing nuts, seeds or corn such as Kaytee Fiesta or Hertz Bonanaza as they could make them sick. We recommend a quality pellet made of timothy or alfalfa like small pet select in limited amounts. Here at the rescue, we prefer the timothy due to its lower calcium content.

And remember, pellets are not a substitute for hay! High-quality grass hay should be available for each guinea pig at all times!